Cynthia A. Yount

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Practice Areas

Ms. Yount is a partner in the firm, representing public school districts in the areas of special education, student discipline, and nonprofit foundation organization.  Ms. Yount has been practicing law since 1988, and joined Parker & Covert LLP in 1989.  Ms. Yount provides ongoing legal counsel to school districts in special education matters, and provides representation at IEP team meetings, Resolution Sessions, Mediations, and Due Process Hearings.

It is the goal of Parker & Covert LLP to assist school districts in engaging in proactive measures such as staff training and methodical review of areas of dispute, and in successfully negotiating mediation agreements in order to contain the costs of litigation.  Ms. Yount further provides ongoing support to school districts in student discipline matters, including representation of the district at expulsion hearings and appeals of expulsion orders to county boards of education.

Ms. Yount has assisted in the organization of nonprofit foundations that successfully raise funds to supplement the educational programs of a number of school districts throughout Southern California.

Bar Admissions

State Bar of California

United States District Court, Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Districts of California

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

Professional Affiliations and Activities

Orange County Special Education Alliance

All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation

Fullerton Museum Center Association

Ms. Yount is a frequent presenter for professional educators, providing in-service trainings on special education, student discipline, and nonprofit foundation issues.  She has been a regular presenter for the annual Orange County Administrators of Special Education, as well as the Orange County Special Education Alliance, California Association of School Business Officials, and California Consortium of Education Foundations. Ms. Yount has also presented to national audiences at National School Board Association and American Psychological Association conferences.


Juris Doctor, Western State University, College of Law, 1987

  • President’s Scholar at entrance

Bachelor of Arts, Communications and American Studies, California State University, Fullerton, 1983

  • Deans List
  • Honors Graduate

Cynthia is a proud alumni of the Fullerton School District and the Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Selected Reported Decisions

Student v. Newport-Mesa Unified School District
OAH Case No. N2007020786 
The District prevailed in establishing that it had offered the student a free appropriate public education (“FAPE”) in the least restrictive environment by offering a District special day class for autistic students.  Petitioner sought intensive, in-home ABA program and private O.T. and speech/language services.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District v. Student
OAH Case No. N2007030660
The District prevailed in defending the appropriateness of its triennial assessment and offer of FAPE.

Student v. Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District and Orange Unified School District
OAH Case No. N2005071105
Ms. Yount repesented OUSD in this case.  OUSD prevailed in establishing that the District provided appropriate assessments, services, and offer of FAPE.

Fullerton School District v. Student 
SEHO Case No. SN04-640/SN03-2511 
The District substantially prevailed in establishing the appropriateness of its assessment and offer of FAPE, to this multiply-handicapped student.

Student v. Fullerton School District 
SEHO Case No. SN04-2579
The District prevailed in establishing the appropriateness of its assessment and determination that the student was not eligible for special education.  The student’s difficulties in school were attributable to his limited English proficiency, unstable home environment, numerous school changes, and failure to complete homework.

Student v. Anaheim Union High School District
SEHO Case No. SN02-1316 
The District susbtantially prevailed in establishing the appropriateness of its assessments and offer of FAPE.

Anaheim Union High School District v. Student 
SEHO Case No. SN02-1570 
The District prevailed in establishing that it had offered the student FAPE.