Stacy L. Toledo

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Practice Areas

Ms. Toledo is an associate attorney in the firm’s Northern California office. Her practice areas include education, public agency, business and non-profit organization. She represents both public and private sector clients providing advice and counsel in the areas of facilities and finance, bonds, general business, non-profit and tax matters.

Ms. Toledo’s practice examples include:

  • Recently negotiating a solar power purchase agreement, including the installation of solar power generating equipment at five school district sites.
  • Serving as bond counsel to school districts and county offices of education for public finance transactions and assists school districts with local general obligation bond elections. Most recently, Ms. Toledo served as bond counsel for a school district’s tax-exempt general obligation bonds and taxable Qualified School Construction Bonds financing.
  • Negotiating multi-million dollar construction contracts on behalf of several school districts, including projects delivered pursuant to Education Code Section 17406.
  • Conducting research for and advises for-profit and non-profit corporate clients on a variety of corporate matters, including whether a non-profit corporation may send notice of membership meetings by electronic means, whether a travel policy for a non-profit corporation conflicts with the Fair Political Practices Act, and whether a non-profit corporation will incur any sponsorship liability in relation to one of its trustee’s fund-raiser. Ms. Toledo also has advised a Japanese corporation doing business in the United States on its potential tort liability for a product to be manufactured abroad and sold in U.S. warehouse-type retail outlets.

Legal Experience

A 2005 law school graduate, Ms. Toledo advises clients in numerous legal matters, including:

  • Negotiating construction contracts and providing general facility/construction advice
  • Serving as bond counsel for general obligation bonds, certificates of participation and other public finance transactions
  • General corporate and tax advice
  • Planning and consulting services concerning day-to-day business operations, compliance and updating and maintenance of business records
  • Drafting and researching business documents including licensing and nondisclosure agreements
  • General research on trademarks and other intellectual property matters
  • Matters specific to nonprofits, including the formation of nonprofit organizations; obtaining, and maintaining tax-exempt status; and IRS and FTB filing requirements

Ms. Toledo has worked as a debt collection defense clinic attorney volunteer for the Voluntary Legal Services Program, where she advised clients on consumer rights and bankruptcy matters.

During law school, she served as a judicial extern for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in the Office of Staff Attorneys, where she prepared memoranda on matters such as tax, bankruptcy, employment discrimination, immigration and civil rights. She also was a small business clinic law clerk for the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center where she provided advice to low-income clients aspiring to start their own businesses on numerous matters including fictitious business names, city tax licenses, regulatory licenses and permits, zoning laws, and taxation.

Bar Admissions

State Bar of California

Professional Affiliations and Activities

Member, California State Bar Association

Member, Sacramento County Bar Association


Juris Doctor, Santa Clara University School of Law, 2005

  • Managing Editor, Computer & High Technology Law Journal, Vol. 21

Masters of Business Administration, Santa Clara University, 2005

Bachelor of Arts, Pomona College, 1994