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In Long Beach Council of Classified Employees, Local 6108 v. Long Beach Community College District (Filed 6/19/18), the District laid off 37 classified employees and reduced the work hours for 79 other classified employees in July 2012 due to a significant reduction in state funding by approximately $10 million. The District also laid off faculty […]

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The California Court of Appeal’s recent decision in 1901 First Street Owner v. Tustin Unified School District (Cal.App., 2018 DJDAR 2993) means more money for school districts in developer fees when new residential housing is constructed within a school district.  Interior space outside individual apartment units, such as interior hallways, storage rooms, mechanical rooms, fitness […]

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We invite you to join the attorneys of Parker & Covert LLP at the 39th Annual CASH Conference on School Facilities, next week in Sacramento! The firm’s attorneys will be providing valuable information to attendees at CASH. Addison Covert will be leading a discussion on energy and water conservation entitled Conservation Natives – The Connection […]

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  On January 24, 2018, the State Allocation Board approved substantial increases in residential and commercial-industrial school facility fees (“developer fees”) to $3.79 and $0.61 per square foot, respectively, from the current rates of $3.48 and $0.56, respectively.  School districts may now adopt these higher rates by Board resolution. These fees are “Level 1” fees […]

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On June 27, 2017 Governor Brown signed SB 96 which is effective immediately and will be implemented by the Department of Industrial Relations starting July 1, 2017. SB 96 makes significant changes to the contractor registration and prevailing wage monitoring program. Some of these changes may be helpful to school and community college districts while […]

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On November 17, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided N.E. v. Seattle School District, in which it considered how to identify a student’s “then-current”/“stay-put” special education placement when a parent brings a due process complaint. The facts are somewhat convoluted:  Student is disabled and exhibited serious behavioral problems.  District A provided Student with […]

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On October 25, 2016, the California Court of Appeal decided San Diegans for Open Government v. City of Oceanside. At issue was whether the City of Oceanside (“City”) had complied with the Ralph M. Brown Act’s requirements regarding the contents of a local legislative body’s published agenda. (See Government Code § 54954.2, subd. (a).) The […]

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In a recent decision, the three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the federal district court’s summary judgment in favor of a defendant school district, disagreeing with the district court’s and the state Administrative Law Judge’s ruling that a student with three disabling conditions did not require special education services because of […]

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Under current law, school districts issuing general obligation bonds, certificates of participation (“COPs”), or other forms of debt must submit timely reports to the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (“CDlAC”) of the proposed issuance and final sale.  SB 1029 provides that commencing January 1, 2017, a school district must additionally certify that it has adopted local […]