Practice Areas

<a href="">Litigation</a>


Our firm has extensive experience in litigation, mediation, and arbitration. We represent clients in front of federal courts, California state courts, and administrative agencies in various types of cases.

<a href="">Advisory Services</a>

Advisory Services

On a daily basis, our firm provides prompt and precise advice to the legal questions requiring immediate attention. We also provide long term advisory services in a range of practice areas.

<a href="">Employee Training</a>

Employee Training

Our attorneys are experienced in providing presentations and workshops for your employees on a variety of topics from union bargaining strategies to handling complaints.

<a href="">Financial Advice</a>

Financial Advice

We have substantial experience in all facets of financial advice. Our office can assist in all areas, such as bond acquisition, real property surplus, lease negotiations, and construction related disputes.

<a href="">Negotiation and Labor Relations</a>

Negotiation and Labor Relations

Our attorneys are actively engaged in the collective bargaining process for all school employees. In addition to actual negotiations, our firm also offers advice and counsel for all aspects of labor relations.

<a href="">Special Education</a>

Special Education

Our special education attorneys work closely with district administrators and staff to reduce exposure to litigation, to provide in-service training, to draft opinion letters, to keep our clients informed of all laws, and as a representative in administrative or judicial proceedings.

<a href="">Student Issues</a>

Student Issues

Our firm provides advice on all aspect of student activities and related issues. We ensure all of our clients are up to date on always changing laws and represent districts in judicial and administrative proceedings.

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Contact Us

No matter your legal need, our firm is ready to provide prompt, effective, and reliable legal advice that comports with today’s budget constraints.