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Parker & Covert LLP is a full-service education law firm serving as general or special counsel to over 80 school and community college districts throughout California.

We provide clients with effective, reliable legal advice that comports with today’s budget constraints.

We Keep You Updated

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Employee Training

Parker & Covert LLP is very active in providing in-service presentations to its clients. Our office is a regular presenter at the annual conferences of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing and California Association of School Business Officials. Our office prepares numerous workshops for our clients upon request on a wide variety of topics. Topics have included:

  • “Fact-finding: Are You Ready if You Have to Go There?,”
  • “Decline of Civility in Collective Bargaining – Brushing Up on Understanding of Negative Union Bargaining Strategies,”
  • “Zero Tolerance,”
  • “Contracting Out,”
  • “Public Criticism of Public Employees,”
  • “Contract Law 101 Supplies and Equipment,”
  • “Legal Requirements of School Site Acquisition,” and
  • “Utilization or Disposition of Surplus Real Property and Facilities to Raise School and Community College District Revenue.”
Training Subjects

Parker & Covert LLP is currently available to make presentations on the following subject topics:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Supervision Training
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Interest-Based Bargaining
  • Utilization and Disposal of Surplus Real Property
  • Enforcement of Labor Compliance Contracts
  • CEQA Compliance
  • Public Works Agreements and Related Issues
  • Ralph M. Brown Act
  • Conflicts of Interest and Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests

In addition, we offer the following in-service training with respect to special education programs:

  • Using Appropriate Language in Writing IEPs
  • Top Ten Errors Made by IEP Teams
  • Section 504, the New ADAAA, and IDEA
  • Transitions in Special Education
  • Discipline of Students with Special Needs
  • Mediation and Legal Issues for Special Education Administrators
  • Student Study Team Meetings
  • Parent Rights and Pupil Records