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Parker & Covert LLP is a full-service education law firm serving as general or special counsel to over 80 school and community college districts throughout California.

We provide clients with effective, reliable legal advice that comports with today’s budget constraints.

We Keep You Updated

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Negotiations and Labor Relations

Parker & Covert LLP is actively engaged in collective bargaining for both school and community college districts. These negotiations include both full and part-time faculty units, classified units, and a police officer unit. Negotiations are with AFT, CTA, and POA affiliates. We also represent a large certificated supervisory unit within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

We are trained in and utilize interest-based bargaining, as well as, when necessary, traditional bargaining techniques. In addition to the actual negotiations at the table, we provide advice regarding all aspects of negotiations proposals, for example wages, working conditions, and health benefits, to in excess of 20 different community college and school districts. Our experience includes many successfully negotiated contracts. We also have experience with respect to mediation and, if necessary, fact-finding under the EERA.

Employment Law

We have successfully represented school districts for over 20 years with respect to “economic layoffs,” which can involve in excess of 100 certificated employees. In addition, we are experienced in negotiating “effects bargaining” related to layoffs and contracting out.

We have also represented school districts and community college districts in all areas of employment law, including compliance with state and federal laws governing employment, development of personnel policies and procedures, employment contracts, advising on various state and federal leave provisions, advising on and responding to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints filed with DFEH or EEOC and related litigation, as well as all manner of employee discipline proceedings, including those resulting in appeals to state or federal courts.

Our experience includes working with merit systems in both school and community college districts. We work closely with our clients to help them avert potential employee relations problems in a cost-effective manner. Helping our clients avoiding costly litigation is in the best interest of all.

Public Employment Relations Board

Our experience includes several significant decisions rendered by the California Public Employment Relations Board, including:

  • Associated Administrators of Los Angeles v. Los Angeles Unified School District
    (2007) PERB No. 1884
    PERB determined that school district employer violated EERA provisions by refusing to bargain over seven job classifications that PERB previously found belonged in a supervisory bargaining unit.
  • Long Beach Community College District Police Officers Association v. Long Beach Community College District
    (2008) PERB No. 1941
    PERB held that the District maintained the exclusive right to “contract out” work pursuant to the management rights clause in the parties’ collective bargaining agreement. PERB issued a limited remedy based upon failure to engage in “effects bargaining.”
  • Long Beach Council of Classified Employees v. Long Beach Community College District
    (2009) PERB No. 2002
    PERB reaffirmed in part and reversed in part its holding in Long Beach, PERB Decision No. 1564, and held that a charging party bears the burden of proving that the charge was filed within the six-month statute of limitations period.

We also provide training to our clients with respect to contract negotiations and contract administration. In this way, our clients are familiar with their legal and contractual obligations under collective bargaining agreements and the EERA.