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Parker & Covert LLP is a full-service education law firm serving as general or special counsel to over 80 school and community college districts throughout California.

We provide clients with effective, reliable legal advice that comports with today’s budget constraints.

We Keep You Updated

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Student Issues

Parker & Covert LLP advises school districts and community colleges regarding all aspects of student activities and related issues. Our attorneys have expertise in the full spectrum of legal issues, including free speech rights, student publications, student protests, student clubs or associations, separation of church and state, and privacy-related matters including search and seizure. Our advice includes policy development, practical solutions, and responding to litigation with a cost-effective approach. The firm newsletter frequently addresses current student legal issues.

Legal Challenges

State and federal laws present a variety of issues that can change with each new school year. Education entitlements mandate different levels of due process in academics, as well as student conduct. Current technology also presents challenges in dealing with student misconduct through the use of social network sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Legal issues that are ongoing include the tension between free speech and appropriate student behavior. We also provide assistance with matters involving grade change, confidentiality of student records, and challenges to the content of student records.


We represent districts in cases involving Title IX claims, claims of discrimination, including investigations by the Office for Civil Rights, United States Department of Education. When litigation of student issues is necessary, our attorneys represent schools and community colleges in both state and federal courts.

Our attorneys serve as counsel to school boards and hearing panels in their findings in the administration of student discipline determination. We are also advocates on behalf of districts in student discipline hearings before administrative hearing panels and boards. Our attorneys represent districts on appeal matters before County Boards of Education in Los Angeles, Riverside, Bakersfield, Orange, and San Diego counties. Additionally, we serve as legal counsel to the Ventura County Board of Education.

Our firm also works closely with Child Welfare and Attendance departments on issues involving truancy, compliance with compulsory education laws, inter- and intra-district transfers, proof of residency, and hearings before Student Attendance Review Boards.